Microaggression One

“Why can’t I just be pretty girl?”


Life After High School

“Tip to remember: Everything might be weird right now, but it’s important to remember not to worry because you’re young and have time to decide what you want in life.”

How Not to Be a Successful Citizen

Do you ever hear people say, “your past will haunt you”? They’re not necessarily referring back to the moment you blink for the school yearbook or the goth scene you went through because you firmly believed it was “the real you” during high school.

The past is actually referring to severe mistakes that can limit and prevent a bright future.

How to use a Condom

“Make sure there is[sic] lots of air in the condom. The esthetic [sic] looks nicer when it looks like a balloon animal.”

7 Step Guide on Succeeding in a Job Interview

“Show up late! Any newcomer employee can be on time, it takes guts to show up late to a job interview, and it shows the employer that you don’t need the job. This will only make the employer want you employed even more!”

How To Not Be Productive

Have you finally decided to do a task? Make sure your phone is right next to you so you can answer every message you receive. Watch YouTube videos to keep you entertained. Listen to music.

Leave your Snapchats Behind – An Alternative Monday Night

She stood on the bar in her black leather two piece as the bright sparks flew from her belt into the crowd of amazed viewers. Sparks that were created from her metal belt buckle and a handheld grinder. Yes, she was grinding metal on her belt to create sparks for a crowded night club. I…

The Game

I could never understand why people went to the game if they could just watch it at home on TV. I myself had never been to a game before for that very reason. From my point of view, there is not much difference between the two. The players still run back and forth between hoops,…